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Huckleberries   Chef Edwin Soups, made with the same perfection as our jams, jellies and food served in our Berry Patch Restaurant. Our Soups are distributed in SW Washington and NW Oregon at the present time and growing.

Distribution Opportunities

For infomation in selling our soups call our Sales Manager Denise at 360-353-2966

Chef Edwin's Soups

Huckleberry 4oz.
A large percentage of our population enjoy tomato soups and there are many tomato and roasted tomato soups on the market. We actually roast our tomatoes with onion and spices prior to blending to make the best tomato soup on the market. Try it and believe.(condensed)
Roasted Tomato Soup
14 oz., $5.95

Huckleberry 12oz.
From the many people that want to buy a good clam chowder and keep getting disappointed from what is available from thier local market, we offer what most people are looking for; great taste and true clam flavor in each jar of Chef Edwins Clam Chowder.(condensed)
Clam Chowder (condensed)
14 oz., $6.95

Marionberry Syrup Jug
Our Smoked Salmon Chowder has great flavor from all natural ingredients, and of course NW Smoked Salmon. For those who enjoy Salmon, they are sure to enjoy this soup.(condensed)
Smoked Salmon Chowder
14 oz., $6.95

Huckleberry Syrup
With the wide selection of Mushroom soups on the market, it is easy to be confused. Try ours and you will realize that the many other do not come close to the flavor and taste of Chef Edwins Mushroom Soup. Use over your favorite dish.(condensed)
Mushroom Soup
14 oz., $6.95

Marionberry Syrup Jug
Our Oysters come from the clear waters of Willapa Bay in SW Washington where we pay a premium to buy the small sized oysters. There are people that still like Oyster Stew but nobody makes a good Oyster Stew anymore, we meet that demand. Try it, it's great.(condensed)
Oyster Stew Soup
14 oz., $6.95

Coming Soon!

Marionberry Syrup Jug
Vegetable Beef

Marionberry Syrup Jug
Turkey and Wild Rice