Our Story

   In 1987 Stan Egaas built a pole building behind his home and had a 12 x 30 ft. room approved for making jam. We had a 3 hole sink, kitchen cook top and one product, the "little Wild Blackberry Jam."Soup Cannery
   Needing more room, he bought our present property in 1990 and built a new processing kitchen in a section of the building. Our product line expanded to three products, Little Wild Blackberry, Huckleberry and Chokecherry jams and jelly.Berry Patch
   With the extra room in the building and no restaurant experience he built the Berry Patch Restaurant which has been expanded many times since opening and now seats 100 people. The new jam and pie kitchen down the hall from our restaurant is busy making pies and jams where in 2016 we made and sold over 7,000 pies - all from scratch. Nobody comes close to matching us - Nobody.
   Some years back we made some Wild Chanterall Mushroom Soup and thought it was both special and good. So we canned some in a home style pressure cooker and had it for sale in the restaurant gift shop. The restaurant inspector saw it and said "no way could we sell it," so we built our present Chef Edwins Soup Cannery. We have spent years changing and perfecting our line of soups and will have 7 types starting in early 2018. All natural, unmatched in quality and taste - they are now sold in many stores in Washington and NW Oregon and are expanding every week.