Our Soups History

Berry Patch   Some years ago we purchased some Wild Chanterelle Mushrooms and made soup from them, it was so good we made and canned the soup in a home style pressure cooker and sold it in our Restaurant until the Restaurant Inspector caught it and stopped us. Three years latter we had built and were operating Chef Edwins Cannery, named for our Chef responsible for the quality of our present soups which were changed many times until we were satisfied with the quality of each soup.
   When we started our Cannery, we were blessed to have a person working for OSU at Astoria that had Cannery experience and the qualifications for writting processes for each soup as required by FDA. We wouldn't have made it without his help.
   We now have 7 varieties for 2018. We sell them at our Berry Patch Gift Shop and many locations in SW Washington, NW Oregon and are constantly expanding our market.
   Our success proves that people are willing to pay for quality products whether it is Jams, Jellies, Syrups or Soups, we work very hard to make that happen.
   Our Sales rep is always interested to talk to potentual customers. You can call Denise at 360 353-2966.
   We have worked over 5 years in our cannery perfecting soups like Grandmother use to make. Soups with flavor quality and all natural ingredients in glass jars. They are all condensed where you just add one half jar of milk, heat and serve and enjoy. Nobody does soups better - Nobody!