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ChokecherriesWild Chokecherries grow in the dry creek beds in the Snake River Region, Montana and the Dakotas. The chokecherry is the state fruit of N. Dakota. The name, chokecherry, comes from the bitter and astringent taste of the fruit. They grow in clusters like grapes and are about the same size of a cranberry, only they are about 50% cherry pit. In processing our chokecherry jam, we cook the berries, saving the pulp and juice for our jam. ​ ​Tip: Chokecherry jam isn't just for toast anymore. It has become very popular as a cooking ingredient for use in everything from salads, and candy to BBQ sauces and even for use as a glaze on roast. Get in on the craze, get creative and try some!

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Wild Chokecherry Jam 8oz.
Oregon's Berry Patch, Chokecherries grow in the real dry areas of our country where few fruits are available. One of our best jams to compliment a quick peanut butter sandwich. Our old fashion small batch cooking and our special sweetening process retains nature's finest natural Chokecherry flavor.
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Wild Chokecherry Jam
8 oz., $5.95

All Natural, Oregon's Wild Chokecherry Jam. Net Wt. 8 oz. Refrigerate after opening.