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*Razor Clam Chowder * Smoked Salmon Chower * Roasted Tomato * ​​​Wild Chanterelle Mushroom Soup*

Chef Edwin's soups went into production in 2012 in a new facility, right next door to The Berry Patch Restaurant and Oregon Wild Berries. The limited availability of Razor Clams, Smoked Salmon and Wild Chanterelle Mushrooms limits production,  with maximum production of only 250 pint jars a day, but this allows for a quality product much appreciated by customers. Chef Ewin Soups is proud to currently offer two chowders and two soups in it's line. More recipes  are being perfected, with new condensed soups, chowders and even gravy, coming soon. Here is the story from conception to production of Chef Edwin Soups.

In 2009 Oregon Wild Berries and The Berry Patch owner, Stan Egass, packaged and froze a small quantity of Chanterelle mushrooms to sell at the restaurant throughout the year. When the mushrooms didn't sell very well  Edwin, The Berry Patch Restaurant chef, decided to make some soup with the Chanterelles . The soup  Edwin made turned out so well,  Egaas decided to can the soup and sell it, knowing his customers would approve.  

In a regular home canner Egass began canning the new soup until  he recieved a phone call one day from the restaurant inspector. The inspector informed Egaas 
that he would have to have, "an approved commercial canning facility and until that was done, the soups were a  no, no, to sell."

​Not one to be discouraged easily, Egaas thought, "How hard could that be?!"  Well, it turns out, it was going to be a little harder then first thought. However, Egaas knew that they had something really good and felt it was the niche he had been looking for, to bring more quality products to his customers. Egaas dedicated himself to jumping through the nessecary hoops to aquire his cannery and begin production of the Chef Edwin Soups.​

​Egaas was succesful in completing all the requirements asked of him by the Highway Department Planning Commission & Buildings Department.  They were ready to start making soup! But wait!...No, they weren't. After installing the new equipment Egaas was told by the Broiler inspector that the new pressure cooker needed to be 'junked'. Egaas complied and aquired a second pressure cooker. After reworking it not once, but twice,  Egaas was again ready to start making soup! Or was he? Again, not so fast...

Egass would now need schooling to recieve certification for operating the new equipment. He recieved his certification, but still wasn't finished yet. Since Chef Edwin would be using seafood in the soups, Egaas also needed to have HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) training. Egaas completed the required training and FINALLY,  was ready to start making soup!

​Egaas has always said, "he would rather be lucky, than have skill" and this rang true when he met Mark, from The Oregon State University Seafood Lab in Astoria. Mark  had a Masters Degree in food Technology and 20 years of experience having worked for a large soup manufacturer. With Mark's help and guidance the recipes were changed  a bit and tweaked and tweaked some more, until the recipes were perfected for the Chef Edwin line of condensed soups.

Chef Edwin Soups are the result of dedication to quality and customer satisfaction, hard work, luck and great pride in a line of condensed soups you are sure to enjoy!

We guarantee it!