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marionberriesIn the late 1920's George Darrow heard of a redish purple berry that had grown at a northern California farm of a man named Rudolph Boysen. With the help of Walter Knott they found the berry and they transplanted the vines at Mr Knott's farm which had a small restaurant and named the new berries Boysenberries. The berries prospered and the farm is the well known Knott's Berry Farm. ​ Our boysenberry jelly was the first flavored jelly created by Oregon Wild Berries. It has an intense, distinct flavor unmatched by any other berry. By using fructose as our sweetener, we are able to get the same desired sweetness as we could using twice as much sugar which would dilute the natural berry flavor. ​ ​Tip: Oregon's Berry Patch Boysenberry is delightful on fresh baked bisquits or rolls, used as a filling in cakes , on scones, and of course, toast! ​

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Boysenberry 12oz.
Oregon's Berry Patch, All Natural Boysenberry Jelly. Our old fashion small batch cooking and our special sweetening process retains nature's finest natural Boysenberry flavor.
- We Guarantee It.

Boysenberry Jelly
12 oz., $5.95

All Natural Boysenberry Jelly contains No Seeds and is Fructose Sweetened. Net Wt. 12 oz. (339.6 g). Refrigerate after opening. Ingredients: Boysenberries, Fructose and Pectin.