About US

Berry PatchAfter 25 years in business, Stan Egaas, owner of The Berry Patch Restaurant and Oregon Wild Berries has become known as Northwest Oregon's aficionado on jams, jellies and syrups. Keeping with old fashioned quality and customer service, The Berry Patch and Oregon Wild Berries have become must stops for those traveling from Portland to the Coast by way of Highway 30.

In 1987, Oregon Wild Berries started in one bay of a pole building that was approved for a commercial kitchen. Egaas started making jams using the rare little wild blackberries and soon added huckleberries and chokecherries to his line of jams and jellies.

​Oregon Wild Berries was fast outgrowing it's current workspace- a new, bigger building was in order. In 1990, the present building, which had been in use for 2 years as a mini-mart, came up for sale. Egaas purchased the building and in it, built a new jam processing facility. In wanting to utilize the remaining room of the building Egaas built a restaurant. In 1993, the doors opened to a 56-seat restaurant, fittingly named The Berry Patch.

With hard work and commitment to customer service and quality products, the Berry Patch Restaurant continued to thrive and expand. 19 years later, The Berry Patch currently seats over 100 people and is now open 7 days a week. The restaurant has continued to flourish and is now widely known for the quality of the food and scrumptious pies. Over 4,000 pies are sold yearly, making them almost legendary! The gift shop has over 20 types of jams, jellies, syrups and other products that have been sold exclusively in the gift shop.

soups kettleBelieving that there was a niche for more quality products, in 2011, Egaas started Chef Edwin Soups. The Chef Edwin line of condensed soups are available in glass pint jars and are full of savory goodness. The line is already expanding with four types of soup currently available. More soups and a gravy are in the process of being perfected and will soon be added to the new line of Chef Edwin Soups. All of the soups are available along with the jams, jellies and other Oregon Wild Berries products in the gift shop.

Oregon Wild Berries, The Berry Patch Restaurant and Chef Edwin Soups are continuing to expand and evolve while staying true to their standard of excellence and tradition. Whether it's the nearly 2-decade-strong jams, jellies and pies or the new, fresh soups and delicious restaurant that keep customers coming, one thing is sure, they'll keep delivering excellent products and customer service that leave you and your taste buds satisfied.​ ​